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Overwatch League Network

Nov 6, 2018

Network Special: Post-Blizzcon


SPECIAL EPISODE 2 / November 5th 2018  / TIME: 7PM PDT




The News

  1. Reunion cinematic
    1. We meet the deadlock gang, We’ll focus on Ashe and Bob in her own section.
    2. Strong western feel, looked and played out great
    3. We are briefly introduced to Echo
    1. Ashe Origin Story
    2. Voice acted by freaking Jennifer Hale
      1. Gun: The Viper
        1. Hip fire is fast but less damage 40 body 80 head
        2. Scoped in provides zoom, higher damage, more accurate 85 body 170 head
        3. Rounds are individually reloaded, can stop mid reload to fire
        1. Throws in an arc detonates after a short delay AFTER touching the ground
        2. 75 initial explosion damage 100 burning damage, healing doesn't not remove the dot, only immunities
        3. Self damages ashe is in the blast radius
      2. Dynamite
        1. Does 90 damage point blank with aggressive fall off and knocks back anyone in a short area in front of Ashe
        2. Also knocks Ashe back as well creating more space
        3. Her main source of mobility
      3. Coach Gun
        1. Lands in front of ashe and runs forward stopping only when hitting a hero or a wall or object.
        2. If it hits a hero throws them and anyone close to them up in the air, and causing them to lose air control while in flight, unless they have movement abilities. Does 120 initial throw damage
        3. Bob when he stops then becomes a stationary turret, aimbot locking onto any enemies near him. Looks to be about 100 DPS with fall off based on range
        4. Bob acts as a 7th man on the team, he can be healed, nano’d, slept, capture and contest points, pretty much anything a hero can do.
      4. Ultimate: Bob
    3. Ability break down
      1. Ashe’s role Can she replace Widowmaker? Or Mccree?
      2. Does she have a place in this tank heavy Meta?
      3. How do you feel about her and Bobs design overall?
      4. How does she feel to play
    4. Feelings on Ashe and the Meta
  2. Ashe announced as the 29th hero

Hot Community Topics

  1. Reddit interview with Jeff kaplan and Nicole Gillett
  2. Overwatch World Cup Viewer
  3. Ashe Developer interview and on the PTR along with Reaper Shotgun fixes

Inside The League

  1. Team South Korea takes home their third straight World Cup Title
    1. Quarterfinals
      1. USA vs UK  1-3
        1. Sinatraa vs mikeya Drama
      2. South Korea vs AUS 3-0
      3. China vs Finland 3-0
      4. France vs Canada 0-3
      1. UK vs South Korea 0-2 (with 2 ties)
      2. China vs Canada 0-3
    2. Semi-Finals
      1. Canada vs Uk 3-2
    3. Bronze match
      1. China vs South Korea 0-4
    4. Finals
  2. Jjonak takes home his second MVP trophy for the year


  1. Stand out players and/or Moments?
  2. How do you feel the OW WC went overall? Comparing it to previous years?

Closing Notes


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