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Overwatch League Network

Nov 10, 2017

Join Totemlydrunk, Spyder, and TheBlevins from the High Noon Podcast on Episode 6 of Overwatch League Network. We're hot off the heels of Blizzcon and we had a ton of brand/roster reveals leading up to Blizzcon! It's a news heavy week as we discuss the passing of Internethulk, Overwatch World Cup, brand/roster reveals, OWL's structure, and so much more!

We would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to shoot us a message via email, discord, or twitter. Thanks again for tuning in!

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Esports News

Main Discussion

Overwatch League details announced at Blizzcon

Structure & Schedule Released

Revamped Website, Companion App, and Shop

Preseason Tickets Are On Sale!


Where can you find us?

Email the show at

Twitter: @owlnshow

Instagram: owlnshow



Discord: or


Totem  Twitter @totemlydrunkctr Twitch

Slambo Twitter @Slamboverwatch Twitch

Spyder Twitter @spydergd Twitch 

TheBlevins Twitter @The_Blevins Twitch

High Noon Podcast Twitter @highnoonpodcast Twitch


You can also find Slambo on The Cavalry and Totemlydrunk on Heroes Never Die. The Cavalry records live Wednesday nights at 8:30 PM ET at New episodes of Heroes Never Die are available every Wednesday in your podcasting app of choice.


World of Podcasts Overwatch Panel

Be sure to check our feed for the World of Podcasts Overwatch panel that Slambo and Totemlydrunk were on at Con Before The Storm. We were joined by ChanManV from Overwatchers/Overview, DJTyrant from The Payload, and BlazzinBob from Watchpoint Radio.


The Cavalry Never Dies #4  

The Cavalry Never Dies returns this Saturday November 11th at 6 PM PT with a Free For All Deathmatch tournament. The tournament will be casted by Slambo and Totemlydrunk and streamed live at Registration is open. We will eliminate players one at a time until there is a sole survivor.