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Overwatch League Network

May 29, 2018

Join Totemlydrunk, Spyder, and Slambo on Episode 35 of Overwatch League Network. Tonight we go around the league discussing the latest Overwatch League news, break down what happened in Stage 4 Week 2, and get you primed for the marquee matches for Stage 4 Week 3.

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Around the League (OWL News)
  1. Spitfire set players as inactive
  2. Sponsors keep rolling in for LA Valiant
  3. Dragons intensive training schedule
  4. NYXL secure top seed for season playoffs
  5. OWL viewership is declining
  6. Season 2 expansion update
Power Rankings

Main Discussion

Stage 4 Week 2 Results & Takeaways

  • Started from the bottom now we’re here (Dallas Fuel)
  • Can the Shock keep pace for the playoffs?
  • Two steps forward and two steps back (Outlaws highs and lows)
  • Dynasty and Uprising are a combined 0-8; equal to Dragons and Mayhem
  • The KDP tanks reunite as Void debuts

 Stage 4 Week 3 Preview


Closing Notes


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