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Overwatch League Network

May 8, 2018

Join Totemlydrunk, Slambo, and Spyder on Episode 32 of Overwatch League Network. Tonight we go around the league discussing the latest Overwatch League news, recap Stage 3 Week 5, share our takeaways from the stage playoffs, and tell you what storylines to look out for in Stage 4.

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Around the League (OWL News)
  1. Florida coach taking a break
  2. T-Mobile sponsor Houston Outlaws
  3. Shock partner with Netgear
  4. Top 24 World Cup announced
  5. SF Shock announce new head coach

Main Discussion

Stage 3 Week 5 Results & Takeaways

  • Ryujekong
  • Fusion flounders
  • Boston’s perfect stage

Stage Playoffs Results & Analysis

Stage 4 Stories

  • Brigitte’s impact
  • Shanghai avoiding 0-40
  • The battle for top 6


Closing Notes


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