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Overwatch League Network

Feb 27, 2018

Join Totemlydrunk, Spyder, and Slambo on Episode 22 of Overwatch League Network. Tonight we go around the league discussing the latest Overwatch League news, share your answers to our question of the week, recap Stage 2 Week 1, and preview this week's games.

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Question of the Week

Stage 2’s map pool is giving OWLN some old school vibes. Which of the stage 2 maps are you most looking forward to seeing being played?


Main Discussion

Stage 2 Week 1 Takeaways & Week 2 Preview

  • The Philly Confusion strike again
  • Stage 2’s unpredictability
  • Ark’s injury and its impact on NYXL
  • Tankmou
  • Week 2 Preview


Closing Notes


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