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Overwatch League Network

Oct 6, 2017

Slambo returns to join Totemlydrunk and Spyder on Episode 2.

It's another heavy week of esports news as the hosts sit down to discuss the World Cup's move into the arena, APAC Premier teams, Contenders updates, OWL brand reveals, and more.

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Esports News

Overwatch esports calendar

World Cup enters the arena at Blizzcon

APAC Premier invites sent out

Nomy fills in for 123 ahead of Contenders

Seagull listed as a sub for Contenders

Contenders playoffs preview

Around the League (OWL News)

San Francisco team interview

Dallas OWL Brand Reveal: Fuel

Trademark Filed - LA Gladiators

Team Spotlight

Dallas (EnVyUs)

Main Discussion

Overwatch League, Salt, and Drama… OH MY!

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You can also find Slambo on The Cavalry (Overwatch Podcast) and Totemlydrunk on Heroes Never Die (Overwatch Podcast). The Cavalry records live Wednesday nights at 8:30 PM ET at New episodes of Heroes Never Die are available every Wednesday in your podcasting app of choice.


Con Before The Storm

Totemlydrunk, Spyder, and Slambo will be attending BlizzCon this year so if you want to meet up with us one of the best places to do that is at Con Before The Storm. Totemlydrunk and Slambo will be representing our podcasts on the Overwatch panel at Con Before The Storm. The event is held on Thursday, November 2nd, at the Hilton Anaheim. Be sure to check out this great community event. We hope to see you there!