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Overwatch League Network

Feb 6, 2018

Join Totemlydrunk, Spyder, and Edanar on Episode 19 of Overwatch League Network. Tonight the hosts sit down to discuss the latest news around the league, share your answers to our community question of the week, talk about our takeaways from Week 4, and look ahead to week 5's games ahead of the Stage 1 finals.

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Around the League (OWL News)

Florida Mayhem Sign Zappis

Philadelphia Fusion Academy Team Reveal

Home Town Hero: Philadelphia

Watchpoint: Blizz Memes Mercy Nerfs

 Player Spotlight
Community Question of the Week
Teams will be looking to bolster their rosters during the free agent signing window. Who would you like to see be signed by your favorite team?
OWL Recall
  • Match ticker
  • Power rankings
  • Week 4 takeaways


Main Discussion

Stage 1 Week 5 Preview


Closing Notes


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