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Overwatch League Network

Nov 13, 2018

Join Totemlydrunk and Slambo on Episode 56 of Overwatch League Network. Tonight we'll be discussing the latest Overwatch League news, OWWC viewership, Contenders callups, expansion brand reveals, and more!

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Nov 7, 2018

CBTS World of Podcasts Overwatch Panel featuring Rob May (Omnic Lab), Iplaigames (Omnic Lab/OWL Recap), TheBlevins (High Noon), Blazzinbob (Watchpoint Radio/OWL Recap), Icysorrow (Enter The Iris), and Totemlydrunk (Overwatch League Network/Heroes Never Die).

Nov 6, 2018

Network Special: Post-Blizzcon


SPECIAL EPISODE 2 / November 5th 2018  / TIME: 7PM PDT




The News

  1. Reunion cinematic
    1. We meet the deadlock gang, We’ll focus on Ashe and Bob in her own section.
    2. Strong western feel, looked and played out great
    3. We are briefly introduced to Echo
    1. Ashe Origin Story