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Overwatch League Network

Sep 30, 2017

Join Totemlydrunk and Spyder on Episode 1 of Overwatch League Network. With Slambo out this week (due to the birth of his first child), Thornrayne from Open Division Quick Play joins the hosts. Tonight we discuss the plethora of OWL news that hit, keep you up to date on what's happening in APEX, and break down Week 6...

Sep 22, 2017

Join Totemlydrunk, Spyder, and Slambo on Episode 0 of Overwatch League Network. This week we sit down to introduce the co-hosts, bring you up to date on the latest Overwatch League news, share our vision for the league, and get hyped for the final week of Overwatch Contenders before the playoffs get underway.

We would...